The Chowk Launch Roadmap

The launch of The Chowk and others Chowk began in Q1 of 2020, with development of core features done in Q4 of 2021. Post launch optimizations continuie to roll out in 2022 and beyond.


Years of





Q1 2020

India Chowk

India Chowk team launch the product in Proof of Authority mode. During this time, most users will be able to:

- With the variety of indian facts,
- 7 facts about various topics.

Q2 - Q4 2020

News Chowk

During Nominated Proof of facts, the network will run with a decentralized set of validators. During this phase, News will increase the number of validators in the set.

Once The Chowk team is confident that the network is working well, with no slashing due to client issues, functioning validator elections, the temporary key will issue a runtime upgrade that enables governance system.

Q1 2021

Governance System

With the Governance system enabled, it can elect the first Council and Technical Committee and start accepting public proposals. It can take over most of the Chowk's decisions, with a few exceptions that will be fully removed in future updates.

TheChowk is fully in the hands of the token holders. One of the first features they will enable is token transfers with a runtime upgrade.

Q2 - Q4 2021

Rajasthan Chowk

Rajasthan Chowk allows balance transfers between it's token holders. To enable remaining functionality, the governance council will need to pass a series of runtime upgrades.

This enables users to effectively unbank themselves from the traditional financial sysyem.

Q1 - Q3 2022 (Current Phase)

Auto Chowk

Before being enabled by the network's governance, payments will be tested and optimized both on testnets. Once the code has been fully tested, audited and benchmarked, and payments are running smoothly, they will roll out on the BlockChain.

The governance council can enable paymens and begin slot lease auctions. These slots will be auctioned one-by-one, with each auction lasting about 1 week.

Q4 2022 and beyond

The Chowk Umbrella

TheChowkn upgrades currently under development include the launch of parathreads. These and any subsequent upgrades can be enabled by the on-chain governance community once development, testing, benchmarking, and auditing are complete.

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